Thursday, October 18, 2012

Dark Sensor

Dark sensor using 2 transistor BC547

When light falls on LDR, its low resistance drives the transistor T1 into conduction. This keeps transistor T2 cut-off due to low base bias. The LED does not get power as long  as ambient light falls on it.

Parts list
  1. T1 and T2 - BC 547
  2. LDR  -1 nos
  3. Resistance  R1 - 1k
  4. R2 & R3 - 330 Ohms
  5. 6 volt battery
Modifying the above circuit to use with Relay and switch on / off

You can also modify the above circuit in controlling AC appliances. Remove R2 and LED from the circuit and also remove the positive connection to Pole of the relay. Connect the AC bulb or any other appliance as shown


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  1. With slight modification this can be used with 9v battery.