Monday, September 3, 2012

Electrical Appliance Protection

This is a simple circuit to protect your electrical appliance during irregular power supply. Normally when power goes off we forget switching off our appliances.Especially in India where power cuts are very frequent we tend to leave our appliances on. In such case there are very high chance of getting it damages by high voltage surge.

The circuit below helps in this and does not switch on unless we press reset button.



  1. Diode 1N4007 - 3

  2. Capacitor C1 - 1000 25v

  3. Relay - 6 V 100

  4. Step Down Transformer = 6-0-6 300mA

  5. Push to On Switch - 1

Very-short-duration interruptions or fluctuations will  not affect the circuit because of presence of largevalue capacitor. Thus the circuit provides suitable safety against erratic power supply conditions.

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